Essse caffe


In 1979, the Segafredo family, famous in this segment, launched the Essse Caffe brand in Bologna. Not accidentally Essse has in its composition three S, they come from Science, Wisdom, Specialization, which in Romanian means Science, Knowledge and Specialization. The three values ​​summarize the company's philosophy, based on experience and the commitment to always be innovative, expressed through the coherence of coffee blends and a constant search for the best organoleptic properties.
The company's mission has always been clear, to deliver the highest quality products.
That is why, from the very beginning, we relied on the scientific support of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna, Cesena and Foggia, a collaboration that continues to this day. For the past thirty years we have become leaders in the coffee industry, with a knowledge base ranging from fresh coffee beans and coffee in your cup, from roasting to packaging, from professional equipment to espresso.
Today, ESSSE Caffè is a successful brand, well-known in Italy and more and more common abroad, recognized for its guarantee and quality.



YEAR 2014

In 2014, the Essse Caffe brand arrives in Romania through Mio Caffe. It is a challenge and an ambition that leads us to work harder and harder to improve and maintain the needs of all our customers. The consistent quality of Essse coffee is ambassador
our worldwide image. Our reliability guarantees constant support over time. Our training program is the key to the success of our clients.
The contribution to the promotion of the Italian Espresso culture in Romania is one of our most satisfying.




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