The ESSSE brand means much more than coffee.

It includes a full range of products and preparations for professionals: cold coffee creams and lemon flavors, refreshing hot chocolates, tasty hot chocolates, barley and ginseng coffee, innovative tea and infusions, Infusion Time and everything needed to meet the requirements



Welcome to the Mio Caffe Constanta website. The contribution to the promotion of the Italian Espresso culture in Romania is one of our most satisfying.


Giugiaro  S12

Created by GIUGIARO DESIGN, the new S.12 car has a light shape and compact dimensions, which fit into any environment.

Mio Caffe Constanta

Mio Caffe in the center of Constanta City with the real taste of the italian authentic espresso.




Coffee capsules

Buy coffee capsules. The ultimate coffee experience

Essse Brand

Today, ESSSE Caffè is a successful brand, well-known in Italy and more and more common abroad, recognized for its guarantee and quality.