Tea break for real connoisseurs.

A carefully selected blend of fine teas for an intensely colored and strongly flavored infusion.


Infusion Time

A new way to make tea

Infusion Time tea is innovative, elegant looking, easy to use, with a unique visual design. An optimal dose of the best quality tea leaves are contained in a stick exclusively made of aluminum. Due to the design, there is no waste and it does not require squeezing. It can be used even after shaking. It is tear-resistant, hygienic and preserves the aroma of the product. 80% of the stick is made from recycled and recyclable aluminum, thanks to a patented technology and awarded for innovation by to several international institutions.



A balanced mixture

A balanced mixture of chamomile and aromatic herbs for a natural and pleasantly aromatic infusion with a very beneficial effect for the body.



Set of 6 glasses

Set of 6 glasses made of double borosilicate layer, ideal for serving a hot infusion.